About G2G


Get Them to the Green (G2G) is dedicated to fostering a love for the environment within youth on the South side of Chicago. This past summer, we partnered with The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program (UCCSP), to organize a five-day educational summer camp, held on campus at The University of Chicago, teaching students the many facets of environmental science and sustainability.

The program's main components include education, opportunity, mentorship and scholarship. The educational component includes workshops geared towards teaching the students about subjects related to environmental science. The students take part in scientific experiments, learning how to write up their own hypotheses, collect data, come to conclusions after analyzing data and present that info to their fellow peers. Opportunity immerses the students within the environment. This involves getting students out into the world and seeing how sustainability and science is happening around them. Mentoring provides the staff and volunteers an opportunity to continue to connect with the students after the program ends. Scholarship is the final pillar of Get Them to the Green. I am raising additional funds to send one student abroad on a educational or service trip abroad related to environmental science.

The future and goals for G2G are 3-tiered. We begin by educating and stimulating the minds of youth through the five-day summer program which will be launched annually in the summer. Second, literature and teaching guides will be dispersed to Chicago Public School teachers as a resource to begin educating their students on environmental science. In addition, G2G volunteers will hold workshops in schools and at local community centers to continue spreading the vigor about science. The final piece of G2G includes partnering with two schools a year to create a community garden, aquaponics system, and/or food science lab to serve as the cornerstone to the G2G vision of what sustainability and community involvement with the environment should look life.

Through our summer camp, the development of school supplemental curriculums, and classroom visits, we intend to engage with 500 students throughout the next year to improve ecological literacy among students while also enabling and inspiring the students to be change makers within their own communities. We will ennoble a generation of leaders dedicated to pushing for environmental change.

Very special thanks to these organizations for providing grants for Get Them to the Green!

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